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Base Layers

Wool underwear for women - a must in the wardrobe. Here you will find a large selection of wool underwear for women, both wool tops, wool sweaters, wool longs and wool underwear sets. Wool underwear is practical and has many uses. Wear your wool underwear under your ski clothes, hiking clothes or your everyday clothes when it is cold. Maybe you like to walk around in only woolen underwear when you are at the cabin or at home in the sofa corner, then it is great with a warm and comfortable woolen underwear seen in beautiful colors or patterns. Wool is ingenious and has a number of fantastic properties, including it is odor-inhibiting and self-cleansing in addition to keeping you warm. This makes the wool underwear the perfect first layer against the skin no matter what you do, all our wool underwear is made of 100% merino wool and is of course scratch-free and soft. If you train a little harder or the mountain trip is a little intense, then wool is also moisture-absorbing, which means that you stay warm even if you get sweaty or wet. Quite ingenious and a very good reason to invest a little in good wool underwear from WoolLand.