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Bottoms & Tights

Woolen trousers and woolen tights for women's sports - here you will find our selection of good and comfortable woolen trousers and woolen tights for women's sports use. A good and soft pair of trousers is essential when you're on a trip and will help you stay warm from start to finish. Regardless of whether you want looser wool trousers that you can wear outside when you have a break or need to regain warmth, or whether you want practical wool tights that you can use throughout your trip, you will find it here at WoolLand. Wool has unique properties and is, among other things, moisture-absorbing, odor-resistant and self-cleaning. In other words, a must-have when you do sports or go on long walks. WoolLand values quality very highly, so you can be sure that you will get hiking clothes of the highest quality from us.